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Edited   SPECIAL   Issues

Governing Asian Celebrity: The Politicisation of Celebrity in Asia. Celebrity Studies (2025), co-edited by Sean Redmond, Jian Xu & Li Zhang

AI Governance in Asia: Policies, Praxis and Approaches. Communication Research and Practice (2024), co-edited by Jian Xu, Terence Lee & Gerard Goggin


Influencer Regulations, Governance, and Socio-cultural Issues in Asia. Policy & Internet (2022, Volume 14, Issue 3), co-edited by Crystal Abidin, Jian Xu & Jonathon Hutchinson

Internet Governance in China's Digital Transition: Domestic Issues and Global ResponsesMedia International Australia (2022, Volume 185, Issue 1), co-edited by Jian Xu & Haiqing Yu

Chinese Platforms and Entrepreneurial Labour. Global Media and China (2022, Volume 7, Issue 3), co-edited by Haiqing Yu, Jian Xu & Ping Sun


Pandemic citizenship. Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies (2022, Volume 36, Issue 2), co-edited by Sean Redmond and Jian Xu


Chinese celebrity studies.《全球传媒学刊》(Global Journal of Media Studies) (2021, Volume 8, Issue 5), edited by Jian Xu


Starring Asia: Asian stardom and celebrities. Celebrity Studies (2021, Volume 12, Issue 2), co-edited by Jian Xu, Glen Donnar & Vikrant Kishore

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