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'China’s online influencers under scrutiny after fake story sparks public outrage', The Straits Times, 05 May 2024, by Lim Min Zhang

China launches new data agency as ambitions in AI and digital economy soar', South China Morning Post, 20 November 2023, by Jane Cai and William Zheng

Crazy love: Behind China’s crackdown on K-pop and other fan clubs’, BBC News, 10 September 2021, by Waiyee Yip


Tainted celebrities’: What’s behind China’s crackdown on the entertainment industry?The Straits Times, 06 September, 2021, by Ho Ai Li


Why it is no longer cool to be a crazy rich Asian in China?’, BBC News, 10 June, 2021, by Waiyee Yip


A queda de uma estrela e a 'política da celebridade' na China’, O Globo, January 25, 2021, by Marcelo Ninio


China’s social credit system looks distinctly dystopian’, Disruptr, September 30, 2019, By Melina Bunting

From pig farmer to internet sensation: Meet the viral star hogging the limelight on a Chinese streaming app’, CNN, April 22, 2019, By Julie Zaugg

The latest hot celebrity endorsement: Chinese imperial history’, Caixin Global, January 26, 2019, By Noelle Mateer

The Chinese farmer who live-streamed her life and made a fortune’, New Yorker, October 30, 2018, By Yi-Ling Liu


Why the Chinese media keeps criticising Australia’, SBS News, October 19, 2018, By Myles Morgan


Australian Financial Review questioned over deal to share content with China’s Caixin Global’, ABC News, October 12, 2018, By Ian Burrows


Chinese propaganda faces stiff competition from celebrities’, The Washington Post, October 22, 2017, By Yi-Ling Liu

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